Under the United Grand Lodge of England

Rt Wor Bro. G.W. Rowe, PJGD.
District Grand Master (Photo)


Wor Bro. K.L. Borland, PJGD.                              Wor Bro. P.D. Stenning, PAGDC.

Deputy District Grand Master (Photo)                                                       Assistant District Grand Master (Photo)


Wor Bro. R.J. Sutherland, PAGDC.
District Grand Secretary
PO Box 27249
Email: sectdglsi@xtra.co.nz 

Wor Bro. P.D.R. Drummond, PAGDC.                         Wor Bro. I.W. Allport, PM.

District Grand Treasurer                                                                                   President of the Boards

Email: iport@clear.net.nz


A very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all



Communications 2015. – Watch this space for further information 


150 years of District Grand Lodge

South Island New Zealand – Photo’s


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v  “Degrees South”  Quarterly News Letter of the District Grand Lodge South Island New Zealand

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o              No 16

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Wor Bro Dave Stenning. PAGDC, Asst’DGM.
PO Box 4,

Upper Moutere,
Nelson, 7144.

Ph: (03) 543 2182, email: dave@stenning.co.nz  
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